Jenks Pom Pre-Order Spirit Wear Collection

**EXTENDED! Order now through Wednesday, May 4, 2022!**

 Show your support for the Jenks Pom program with their special spirit wear collection! It's PRE-ORDER AND ONLINE ONLY. Shop now through May 1, 2022. Once ordering window has closed, a bulk order will be placed. Approximate turnaround time is 3-4 weeks (these days, due to Covid). Once order arrives, we will contact you when it is ready to be picked up or being shipped, if that is what you chose. 

*Due to continued Covid/inventory issues, we allow our vendors to make brand/item substitutions, that are as close of a match as possible, only when absolutely necessary. 

*SALES FINAL for pre-order collections. 

THANK YOU for supporting Jenks Pom and The Trojan Shop! We love to help our clubs, sports, and organizations. And, in turn, we help the school district. Win-Win! 

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